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Various types and ranges of pumps to suit all your needs.  From air drive pressure test pumps, diaphargm filling pumps to nitrogen converter pumps.  Learn more.


Bolting Tools

Complete range of bolting equipment in our inventory.  Manual torque wrenches, hydraulic torque wrenches, hydraulic tensioners, nut splitters.  Learn more.


Leak Testing

Complete equipment spread that is required to carry out N2He leak testing works.  Learn more.


Flushing & Cleaning

Water & oil circulation, flushing & cleaning units from 600lpm up to 2,000lpm.  Learn more.


Recorders, Gauges & Instruments

Analog & digital pressure gauges, single & dual pens mechanical chart recorders, digital chart recorders and more.  Learn more.


Test Cabins, Tanks & Containers

Various types and sizes available, for both onshore & offshore utilization.  Learn more.


Valves, Hoses & Fittings

Complete ranges of valves, hoses & fittings available.  from low pressure to high pressure.  Up to 60,000psig.  Learn more.